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Lead Vocals, Drums, & Shovel drum

Virgil Antee

Lead Guitar






Described in one word.... FUN!



Playing both current and classic country music, Cowboy Up's crowd interaction makes the evening a party. You don't watch a Cowboy Up show......you participate!

Cowboy Up is the only band in the world that features the shovel drum!  An entire drumset played on a shovel! You heard that right, Kramer plays a shovel like an entire drumset. Must be seen to believe!

Cowboy Up also features a bass player that plays both electric and upright bass. The harmony vocals are amazing, and don't forget Paul up on the bar!

Cowboy Up offers both full band shows, and more subdued acoustic shows. Whatever the event, the cowboys have what you need.



For the tech savy consumers, Cowboy Up utilizes digital sound and LED lighting. This low voltage setup allows us to power everything off only a couple outlets!

Cowboy Up uses electronic drums, in ear monitors, and NO guitar amplifiers on stage. This eliminates all stage noise and guarantees the perfect volume for your event! The only sound you hear is the music coming from the main speakers.



Cowboy Up's goal is to provide quality entertainment at an affordable price!

Cowboy Up owns their own sound and light gear. This allows us to keep the cost down as we do not have to rent this equipment for each show. Cowboy Up also books their own shows so you save on booking agency fees! CLICK HERE to book now!

Should you feel more comfortable booking with an agent, contact John Mangold at Talent Associates and he can book you Cowboy Up for an additional fee.



Cowboy Up was established in 2013 and has become one of the most entertaining bands in the area. Cowboy Up has played everything from small private parties to the larger stages at Summerfest!

In 2016 Cowboy Up won the WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) People's Choice Award for favorite band.

In 2015, 2016, and 2017 Cowboy Up was listed as one of  the TOP TEN FAVORITE BANDS in the WISN A-List competition.

In 2016 Cowboy Up was interviewed on the Ben Janzow podcast regarding finding the right formula for a successful band. CLICK HERE to listen to the interview!

In 2017 Cowboy Up was interviewed by the Journal Sentinal regarding playing at the 50th anniversary of Summerfest, CLICK HERE to read the article.

So come on out, raise your drink.......Cowboy Up & Drink 'em Down!


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